World Deaf Golf Championships 2020


Welcome to the

13th World Deaf Golf Championships 2020

Biggest event in the international deaf golf calendar,

140 golfers from 19 nations.

7th - 15th August 2020

Marriott Forest of Arden GC, Warwickshire

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this event has been postponed until further notice. 

Postponement of WDGC 2020 – Update: 9th-May-2020

This is a joint statement from the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the World Deaf Golf Championships 2020 and the World Deaf Golf Federation (WDGF) Board.

Due to the complex nature of organising a global sports competition between nations during a pandemic, it has been decided that there will be no World Deaf Golf Championships during 2020 and the event has been postponed. This agreement and all strategic decisions going forward are the result of the WDGC Organising Committee and the WDGF Board working together.

The most likely option is to have England host in 2022 and again we have to follow the guidance given to us by the UK government and measure this up against different policies established by other governments overseas. The difference in policymaking on hosting sports events internationally and travel restrictions plays heavily on how we make decisions.

Due to the nature of the sport, we need to hold the event during the summer in the UK, when the weather is usually at its most favourable (July -September).

People will wonder why we have not chosen to play in 2021. The WDGF and the LOC came to this decision due to: -

1 - Uncertainty about lockdown arrangements not only in England, but for all member countries of WDGF (due to border and airline shutdowns)

2 - Be within 3-4 months of the Summer Deaflympics in Brazil of which golf will be a part of

3 - The possibility of having TWO world deaf golf championships and the Deaflympics within one year (from July 2021 to July 2022) – a congested and unaffordable calendar.

Choosing to play in 2022 will take us further away from the current pandemic restrictions. However, this means that the LOC and WDGF have had to negotiate with Australia who are the designated hosts for 2022. Fortunately, the goodwill between nations within the WDGF means that Australia is prepared, if it is necessary to do so, to allow England to host in 2022 and move the event to Australia in 2024.

Also, in 2022, the UK will host the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the current venue for the WDGC sits within the economic rights boundaries of the Games. Fortunately, members of the English Organising Committee have working contacts with CG2022 and will be able to discuss options of dates available for play.

We are obviously planning to keep the WDGC at the Forest of Arden but due to the regulations placed on the UK economy where companies have furloughed their staff, we are unable to hold planning meetings with the venue to agree on a new date. The management at Marriott Forest of Arden hope to be available to resume discussions in June at the earliest.

Finally, whilst the Organising Committee and the WDGF Board remains optimistic that they will be able to agree on a new date for the competition, we must remind ourselves that we are experiencing extraordinary circumstances in the global sports economy where nothing is for certain. So, to paraphrase the adage, we also have to include contingency plans so that we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

Thank you for supporting our event, if you have any questions please contact

Stuart Harrison                                                         Simeon Hart

Event Director, WDGC 2020                                    President, WDGF.

2020 would have been the 25th anniversary year of the competition. Returning to Forest of Arden, the original venue in 1995. Sport plays a massive part in the historical culture of the Deaf community bringing deaf and hearing people together through sport. The event takes place every two years and is part of the global Deaflympic movement which held its first games in 1924. Golfers with an average of 55db hearing loss in their better ear are eligible to compete in this event (Men, Women and Senior Men).

We are working hard to make the most of the extra time we have been given from the posteponement and global shutdowns of normal everyday life - if you are a company or an organisation looking for the opportunity to promote your services or products to boost the ecconomy, then we would love to hear from you! 


Rod Oaten, Chair of England Deaf Golf

Hello from England Deaf Golf chairman, Rod Oaten!
Welcome to friends, golfers and people from around the world to approve our new website.
What is the website ?
This lists the information of the World Deaf Golf Championships 2020 so please have a look, there are also links for Facebook and Twitter.
Welcome to the World Deaf Golf Championships 2020!

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Simeon Hart, President of World Deaf Golf Federation 

Hello, my name is Simeon Hart, World Deaf Golf Federation President.
I am really pleased to be working with England Deaf Golf for the World Deaf Golf Championships 2020 and the launch of the new website which is looking beautiful!
If you are looking for information or want to offer your services as a volunteer ?
All the information is on the website! Dont get in touch with WDGF for questions and answers - please go to the website.
I am really looking forward to further working with England Deaf Golf and the World Championships in 2020 The competition will be at the Forest of Arden, England - I call this the "Home of Deaf Golf"
At the same time we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this competition, both WDGF and EDG are looking forward to seeing you there!

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